Music, rhythm, and workout inspiration!

Music, rhythm, and workout inspiration!

There are a few things about music that I absolutely LOVE:  1) It makes my workout go faster.  1, 2, 3 and you’re done in a flash!  2) It provides a great beat to ensure I keep up with my workout pace. 3) It helps me accomplish my goals through motivation.  These are 3 things that will help you throughout your workout.  Think of it as you + the music vs. your workout! 😉

Think of the world without music.  Now, think of your workout without music.  That would be something that is hard to consider for many of us because we use music to push us through our workout.  The music almost becomes one with us because we want something to focus on besides our actual workout.  Something that helps us become distracted and makes the workout go faster.

Another great thing about music is the beat it provides.  I love this because it helps me stay on pace and go faster even when I am getting tired.  It pushes me and challenges me so that I get through my entire workout and for that reason alone I think music is a perfect combination for working out.  I have noticed that I try to stay with the beat of the music during my workout.  Not that I actually “dance” throughout my interval training workout, but that I rhythmically do the exercises, staying in tune with the music.  It helps me keep pace, stay focused, and makes my workout more fun!  This is what makes music inspiration because it motivates and engages me during my workouts.

Music is a great way to make you happy, change your mood, and can help you accomplish your goals during your workout.  With music, you can train your mind and body to move with the rhythm of the music, making your workout more challenging and fun!  Further, music is a great way to help you accomplish your goals.  Remember that it is important to be happy with whatever you accomplish because that along with music will help you to keep pushing forward!  Music often makes you train harder so that you can pass your fitness and wellness goals.

If music isn’t your thing, try reading a book where you read 10 pages then run for 5 minutes, or some variation that works for you.  The same can work for those who watch tv while they workout. You can run during commercials and walk during the program.  Both options provide great interval training and that’s something that is great for your body.  Interval training has actually been shown to be more beneficial than strictly running or walking.

So, next time you head to the gym, go outside for a run, or start your workout, you may just want to throw your earphones in as well!  Happy skipping, moving, and working out to the music! 🙂


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