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Jenna Ranee Parbati Jamieson takes you on a personal journey as she provides lessons that will help you succeed as you make your way through life.  The lessons will be useful tools that you can stick in your pocket and use as you face obstacles.  They will give you new perspective while offering solutions to some of life’s biggest trials and tribulations.

She uses her delightful personality and youthfulness to transcend her readers into her world where they will relate to the heart wrenching frustrations she has encountered.  Her own experiences provide real-life examples that will connect with a variety of readers and ages.  High school and college graduates will enjoy having stories to relate to and adults and employees will be hooked to the management stories she shares. Use the lessons to translate into your own life’s challenges and understand that you are not alone.  After all, life is actually more like climbing a mountain, but the solutions and advice that are shared will change how you think about others and the world around you.

-207 pages, Quick & Easy to read, Softback

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How come life throws so many curveballs and challenges to us on a daily basis? Why is life more like a mountain than a beach? Sometimes we must find the beauty in the little things and remember that life is actually a complex book filled with many chapters, both positive and negative. It is important to store the invaluable lessons and advice that life affords us in order to grow from our experiences.

You will gain tips on how to handles trials and tribulations in your daily life, explore ways to find your passions and purpose, and be led on a journey of self-reflection. More than that, you will be given unique lessons from an adopted immigrant to stick in your pocket and pull out to use throughout your life’s journey.

Have a lovely day by choosing to:

  • Smile and say hi to strangers
  • Enjoy the little moments
  • Say please & thank you, and show appreciation
  • Dress for success to improve self-confidence
  • Capture your passions and follow your dreams
  • Be a solid listener to others
  • Choose not to pass judgment
  • Laugh whenever possible
  • Be kind, help others, and give back
  • Wish those around you a lovely day

My motto: Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

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