Be the best YOU!

Be the best YOU!

I was listening to fitness segments throughout the week and reading small health oriented articles, but I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to talk about.  It’s a new year and I think it’s a great opportunity to reestablish yourself from time to time.

We often read or listen to lots of different opinions, people, and news sources regarding health that range from how to lose weight to how to fit more vegetables into our diet and so on and so forth. This is a great opportunity to form your own views and opinions, and I do specifically mean YOUR views and opinions and how they relate to your workout, lifestyle, and goals.  We frequently try to use someone else’s motivation, someone else’s diet success, or someone’s else’s workout routine in order to have or see success in ourselves.  For example, even reading my blog for tips, tricks, and ideas is doing this, which is great, just remember to make changes accordingly! 😉  Once you read or listen to these diets, nutrition suggestions, and workout routines you must determine what will work best for you and adapt or change it based on your lifestyle.  Rather than using a replica and thinking it will create the exact same effects and changes, you need to remember that we are all at different fitness levels and have different experiences.  We are all YOU-nique (unique) with different body shapes and sizes, which means we respond differently to different exercises and different foods so we must be cognizant of that when we try something that someone else has had success with.

It is important to remember that you should take suggestions and make adaptions to determine what works best for you!  For example, if a journal keeps you accountable and helps you then you should consider that (I suggested that in a previous post…see Fitness and nutrition goals to the rescue!).  If looking in the mirror daily is a great reminder to workout and keep pushing towards your goals then do it!  If jumping on the scale to see what that 3 digit number is going to be then by all means jump right on!  In other words, don’t let a study, an article, or a news program tell you what you should or should not be doing.  Listen to your own body, follow your own lifestyle, and accomplish your goals by adapting programs, tips, tricks, and fitness routines to fit for you.  In other words, do whatever triggers your inner fitness and remember that sometimes the biggest challenges and obstacles that you face when working toward your fitness and wellness goals in 2015 may end up being the best things in life!

Happy New Year and may this be the year for new goals, new accomplishments, and new transformations!


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