Workout lifestyle…when & where should you workout?

Workout lifestyle…when & where should you workout?

I have to say most days I look very forward to my workout.  It’s the “me” time of the day when I can de-stress and be away from everyone and everything (computers, technology, phone, etc).  Anything that is bothering me such as studying all night, an argument, or even just daily stress can simply be moved aside for the moment so that I can get a good sweat!  One thing that’s important about exercising is to recognize that when and where you exercise can make a big difference in your energy level, mood, results, and how enjoyable your workout will be.

First, when should you exercise?  In order to maximize your results, you should consider when the best time is for you to exercise based on your schedule, energy level, and personal characteristics.  For example, if you are not a morning person and you work at 8am, consider an evening workout rather than a 6am workout.  If you are a morning person and work at 8am, consider the 6am workout as a possible option.  On the other hand, if working out helps you wake up because you are not a morning person consider an exercise routine that will help with that balance such as yoga.   It is important to remember that it takes energy to get through a workout so try to find a time when you have a high energy level and are not tired or lethargic.  It will be different for everyone so determine when you can maximize your workout results based on your schedule and lifestyle.  For me, I workout best in the evening.  I feel energetic, look forward to clearing my mind, and my body feels ready to workout.  Remember sleep is vital to having energy so make sure you are getting enough sleep consistently each night.  A night with little sleep, followed by a full night’s rest, followed by another night with not much sleep throws off your body and is a sure way to not only dread your workout, but also make it hard to do.

Second, where should you exercise?  This is an interesting and very subjective question because it really depends on a person’s personal fitness goals and schedule.  Possibilities might include at home, at a gym, or outside.  Personally, I like to workout at home because I can alter the environment to fit me.  For example, I utilize the pictures of my family and friends on the wall to influence me and encourage me to get through my workout.  I also like having quotes and inspirational sayings on the wall that I connect with.  If you’re at the gym and don’t have the luxury of choosing what is on the walls, bring a picture of your favorite celebrity crush or in my case I would probably bring Andy Murray because of his killer work ethic as a tennis player or Jennifer Garner because of her portrayal of badass spy Sydney Bristow! 😉  It could also be quotes/sayings or something inspirational.  There are no requirements on what you can use, but make sure it is something that you connect with and helps push you through your workout.

Third, how do these impact your overall workout?   Easy answers to this one!  Happiness, efficiency, and results!  Once you can find a rhythm that works for you, it makes working out easier and less thought has to be put into it.

So, get your workout on in your garage, in your room, in the gym, or outside and do it in the morning, in the afternoon, or in the evening, but just remember to be sure to DO IT!  It’s all subjective, so find what works for you and don’t give up!  We all have good days and bad days, but if you can find a schedule and rhythm that works, then you will be more likely to follow through and more likely to enjoy it!


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