There’s an {exercise} app for that!

There’s an {exercise} app for that!

Each weekend my boyfriend and I go on some type of walk, jog, hike, or outdoor workout to get some steps in.  At first, it started as taking the dog for a walk, but it quickly turned into a weekend routine.  Now we go nearly every weekend.  Our weekend walk or jog has evolved over time.  We both have phone apps that track our steps which caused us to begin to pay attention to how many steps and how much distance we were covering for fun.  It has now turned into a friendly competition whereby my boyfriend and I ask each other several times along the walk how many steps the other has done.  Why you ask?  We now compete against each other to see who has more steps.  I usually win! 🙂  That’s mostly because I take smaller steps.  Not intentionally though, I have shorter legs!   He usually covers more distance then me, but who’s counting?  We both are to see who can claim “winning” the exercise race.  Of course, there is nothing to win other than saying you win distance or you win most number of steps.

So why am I telling you this story?  Because using a pedometer or some type of fitness app that makes you accountable for what you are accomplishing each day is a great way to ensure you are moving your body and getting exercise.  This is a great alternative to Fitbits and other fitness tools or devices that people often use for a short period because phones are always with us.  Lastly, I would encourage you to put together a work team or social team that can help motivate you.  I am positive my boyfriend and I would not get as much exercise during the weekend if it weren’t for the competition we have created with each other.  It goes as far as when I get up or he gets up to do something we take our phones not to use them, but because we want to make sure the phone is registering every last step that might put us ahead of  the other!  While we exercise regularly during the week, it is important to also get some exercise throughout the weekend!

Another reason phone apps are great is because you can use them anywhere and anytime so there’s no excuse for no workout!  You can do a quick workout in a hotel room if you are traveling for work or traveling for fun.  You can grab your phone and download an app that has fitness and nutrition inspiration, has workouts that target specific areas of your body, or you can find an app that has group exercise routines that you can follow.

Now it’s time to go to your app store on your phone to find an app that will help you achieve your fitness, nutrition, and health goals! 🙂




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