Making the Case…why this blog matters for me, you, & everyone!

Making the Case…why this blog matters for me, you, & everyone!

Brief background and reasoning for starting my blog:

As I was talking to my boyfriend today, I got on my soapbox about America and its current health epidemic.  I would probably consider myself a health nut, exercise Nazi, and a very passionate person about fitness, nutrition, and wellness, but my passion truly lies within helping other people find the motivation from within to change their lifestyle in hopes of changing the ways of the American culture.  As a health educator and a very passionate person about empowering people and communities to make better choices, I hope you give me the opportunity to encourage you to help me spread the word on “exercise2behealthy.”  At the age of 25, the state of America’s health not only concerns me, but makes me want to do something about it–to reach out to communities and the world to start a movement that can change the thinking and mentality that has been engrained in Americans, generation after generation and by the media.

What is this image and thinking that has been engrained in us, you might ask?  Well, for starters, that fast food, although easy, can be “made up” by eating healthy foods and exercising later.  That being stick thin is a goal to strive for despite knowing that the ideal body shape and size is not what defines how healthy and fit a person is.  That fad diets and workouts can be a solution to help solve America’s health problems despite being a temporary promise to a “new beginning.”

The phone above is something that launched the conversation my boyfriend and I had today, which got me on my soapbox for the next ten minutes.   My boyfriend thoroughly enjoys technology and the entertainment factor that it provides, probably similar to the other 99.9% of Americans that are using it.  My point in sending the picture was as a simple joke, implying that eventually phones will get larger and people in America as a result will get larger as well.  This encourages Americans to keep doing what they are doing–which basically is, sitting on the couch, watching tv, eating chips/pizza/wings/etc, while looking at their smartphone or tablet.  In other words, keeping up with that sedentary lifestyle.  It may sound pessimistic, but it is also the reality of America.

With some resources and guidance, America can slowly begin the changes that are necessary to make us a nation that is “exercising2behealthy.”  In order to start, people not only need to make a lifestyle change, but also dig even deeper, by making a true psychological change.  Right now, Americans value their free/relaxation time aka being on their smartphones, playing games, sitting on the couch, going to movies, etc. (all things that encourage a very sedentary lifestyle) over their actual HEALTH.   Yes, it is exhausting to get up early and work all day, I am not minimizing that, BUT I am not asking you to run a marathon or even exercise everyday.  Rather, I am asking you to think about your HEALTH and your FAMILY.

So, I have provided details of what’s wrong, but how do we even begin to address this and maintain the solution?  It’s with YOU, with EVERYONE, with a MOVEMENT, that helps empower those around us.  I want to help empower people to recognize that “exercising4health” is not only possible, but is necessary.  Not because you want to be a size 6 bikini instead of a 10 or because you want to fit in a smaller wedding dress next summer or fall, BUT because you want to decrease your chances for a heart attack, stroke, high cholesterol, etc.

So, the question is, how can YOU help?  For starters, encourage people to follow this blog, post comments, ask questions, and begin the conversation with your own family.  More than that, begin an “exercise2behealthy” change within your own life!  Find a program that fits you, rather than a fad program that the media and America is currently hooked on.  Find an eating routine that suits you, not a routine that suits you and your best friend or co-workers.  We are all UNIQUE, so what works for one person, may not work well for another.  Find a routine that can be easily sustained over time.  I realize, many people feel they lose motivation to create exciting and delicious meals and workouts that are fun and energizing, BUT the key is to find something that is convenient, easy for YOU, and can be sustainable over a long period of time (becomes a routine). That’s what will help give you your own motivation.  (i.e. home workouts, walking on two breaks during the day, bringing snacks to avoid vending machines, creating walking paths and exercise routines that can be easy in your office, be creative with meals and workouts, etc)

This movement needs to take place now…change begins with one person…will you help spread it and sustain it?!

And with that, it’s a wrap!  I will be back each week with an energizing fitness, nutrition, or wellness video, tip, quote, or article that will begin a cycle of advice/ideas for “exercising2behealthy.” Lets start the conversation to make the healthy choice your first choice!

As an end note, the conversation with my boyfriend, ended with me stating that for the last several years I have wanted to start a blog that creates a movement to empower people by giving them the knowledge and the advice to change their life for the better and hence ‘’ has been born!


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