Lighting up your community!

Lighting up your community!

It’s been a busy few months for some really great things at the school where I teach and the community I live in.  There may appear to be a lot of division, chaos, stress, negativity, sad stories, awful news, maybe even hate in the world, but what I have found is there is actually even more positive stories where people are doing great things.  Here are a few examples of some awesome community kindness stories:  David Muir shared a story about a community in Milwaukee where a bus driver helped a homeless person in need who was on her bus.  I also saw a story where a community is rebuilding a school and students and teachers served Thanksgiving dinner in Panama City, Florida where there community suffered extreme devastation due to Hurricane Michael.  It’s our responsibility to spotlight amazing stories and make those the focal point today and every single day of the year.  That’s what will help make the world a better place and I think that’s something we can all agree we want and hope to see for the youth in America.  I recently reached out to the local Army National Guard to assist with team building for an entrepreneurship and leadership program.  What I got from involving the Army National Guard was awesome!  I teamed up with a recruiter who has helped with team building, boosting self-confidence, and demonstrating how to use the skills of each member on your team to accomplish goals.

It’s not just team building that he has helped with, but he has also visited my local high school to host several Army National Guard fun days with PE students.  What is refreshing about this recruiter is his passion for community initiatives.  He has a passion for what he does and likes to give back when possible.  He will be hosting a luncheon for teachers coming up where he will be providing local pizza for our entire staff.  He’s a class act and models what it means to give back and change the lives of others.  I hope we can all see what a difference we can make in the communities in which we live in big ways and small ways just through the job we hold or the position we are in.

As a teacher, I love to volunteer and give back (partially because it’s my passion and my hobby), but also so that I can inspire the students that I teach.  I hope they see strength through the volunteer work that I do which makes them want to do it too.  You can do the same thing whether you’re a business leader, doctor, nurse, or a community member who cares about seeing your community make a difference.  Go out and volunteer at local events, donate to your food pantries, read to small children on the weekends, or sponsor a new event that will spotlight your community.  Your actions will be what will help change negative into positive and that’s what I hope to hear more about today and always!




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