Hydration is happiness :)

Hydration is happiness :)

DRINK WATER and plenty of it!  Water helps keep you full, is great for your mind and body, and can be especially important during the cold, winter months when the dry air tends to dehydrate your skin and body!

I love the tagline, “Hydration is happiness :)” but I can’t take credit for it.  I became a certified Wilderness First Responder during the summer of 2011 to fulfill my elective course in graduate school.  The teacher, Whitney, made a point to ensure that we stayed hydrated during the ten day course as it was very physically demanding with long days outside, lifting patients, and practicing mock emergency scenes.  Throughout the day, he would say hydration is happiness 3-5 times, which was typically followed by a quick 30 second water break.  He also had a fill in the blank with the tagline “Hydration is happiness” on every test and quiz.  Not only was it a great class because of what I learned and the physical demands of learning emergency medicine in nature, but his tagline for hydration has stuck with me.  Hence, I am passing it on to others because I think we often become so busy running errands, going to work and meetings, and grabbing food and drinks on the fly that we forget how important (and EASY) it is to make sure we have our water bottle with us!  And, while I am on the subject of water bottles, as an environmentalist aka tree hugger, PLEASE use a reusable water bottle that you can continually fill up so you aren’t adding to the millions and millions of plastic water bottles that are being thrown away each year!


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