Find your “happy workout” :)

Find your “happy workout” :)

What is a “happy workout”?  A “happy workout” is finding a routine or exercise that you are tremendously passionate about and love so that you can enjoy your workout and what it has to offer you!  One important thing to remember about being consistent with your workouts is making sure you have a workout routine or exercise that you look forward to rather than dread.  The key to being consistent is trying different workout routines and exercises and finding one you feel comfortable with, works the part of the body you want to improve, and makes you look forward to working out.  For example, you might consider zumba classes, cross training classes, walking, running, swimming, yoga, etc.  Once you find an exercise or routine that you enjoy, stick with it.  Don’t feel like you need to change it, especially if you are considering changing to a routine or exercise you don’t like to do.  You are far more likely to give up or not follow through if you don’t like your workout, leaving you frustrated and stressed.

If you become bored with your workout and no longer look forward to it, you know it is time to change it and find something new to keep you going.  You don’t have to keep the same workout every day or every week, but I do suggest that you find a workout routine or exercise that makes you look forward to it.  This will encourage you to workout each day and increase your chances of seeing success.  It may be a workout routine that lasts 2 years or it may be a workout routine that lasts 2 months, but either way it is to your advantage to not only find something you love, but something you love with a passion.  It can be something as simple as jumping rope, a routine you do with an app on your smartphone, a YouTube video, or a routine of pictures you found online.  No matter what it is, if you enjoy it and find it to be something that helps you relieve stress and break a sweat, then you have found “your” workout.  A workout that you have a passion for and look forward to doing sometime during your day.

So, get EXERCISING, have fun, and make sure you LOVE it!  If you don’t love it, then ditch it and find something new (such as some of the options above)!


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