Conquer your stress…solutions for the holidays!

Conquer your stress…solutions for the holidays!

Today, I wanted to take a moment to talk about something that impacts everyone, especially during the holiday season, yet something that I and many others are guilty of not keeping under control.  It is something that tends to increase during the holidays and is something we, ourselves, can typically control.  What in the world do you think it is?  If you guessed stress then you are right.  Stress is something that we can control based on our response to things that are said, things that happen, and by how we choose to deal with daily trials and tribulations, successes and failures.  It  is something that can impact your health greatly if it is not managed and dealt with properly.  Further, it can cause digestive problems, cramps, headaches, anxiety, exhaustion, and multiple other major and minor health concerns.

It is important to channel within yourself the proper tools that will help you control and conquer stress.  Tools that are up to YOU to find, determine, and explore, because while I will provide suggestions and help, we all deal with stress differently.   You have to find what fits for you (this is continuously echoed in my posts).   Like everyone, I still deal with stress everyday, BUT the difference is I now know how important and helpful it is to have solutions to counteracting stressful situations.

So here’s a few pointers that I have been given and learned over time:  1) First, meditation can help even if it seems like an odd way to deal with stress.  Trust me, I thought it seemed unfitting for me, but meditation can be as easy as sitting with your eyes closed and counting to ten, taking deep breaths to control your breathing.  It allows you to cool off, release some steam, AND best of all, allows your heart rate to slowly begin to return to normal.  Other great options include 2) drinking camomile tea (or other hot beverage) which has a calming effect, 3) removing yourself from the area that is causing the frustration and stress for 5-10 minutes, 4) taking a hot bath with sea salts (ease aching muscles) or peppermint oils (calming and relaxing effect).  Of course, my ultimate way to de-stress is to 5) workout–run, stretch, weight lift, interval train.  Exercising and working out is one of the most effective yet underutilized ways to take away stress.  So, while the holidays, work, relationships, etc. can be the subject of great stress, REMEMBER that it’s how YOU choose to respond to the stress that makes it impact your life.


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