Cheer yourself on—be your own cheerleader!

Cheer yourself on—be your own cheerleader!

Something to remember about exercise is the importance of support and positive reinforcement along the way.  Sometimes workouts can be long, exhausting, and even drag on as if they are never going to end.  Even for the most trained individual, there will be days when working out seems less than par.  Other days will go quick and feel great!  One thing I tend to do throughout my workout is cheer myself on.  This sounds odd I realize, but when my workout gets tough and I really feel challenged, I begin to cheer myself on in my head to amp myself up.  If this isn’t something that will help you, consider having a workout buddy that will keep you going.  As a side note, remember the importance of cheering on friends and family around you who make exercise and working out a priority.  By this, I mean you remind them how proud you are of their commitment to staying healthy, recognize their progress, or even buy them a small treat, workout gear, etc when they meet goals to show them that their hard work is being noticed.  Positive support is what encourages people to maintain their workout routine so they don’t give up along the way.

Back to the whole cheering yourself on during your workout! 😉 Studies have actually shown that people who are their own cheerleader throughout their workout and say positive things to reinforce meeting their goals are more successful.  For example, telling yourself “Don’t give up”, “Keep going”, “You can do this”, etc are all great ways to spur you through your workout and over the long term make a difference in the results that you will see and the time that it takes to see those results.

So, get up, get moving, and remember the power of positive thinking!  Find some great inspirational cheers to say to yourself that will help to keep you going during those workouts that seem to drag on and on and on and never end!  I have put together a small collage of some great sayings I like to say to myself when I feel like I have reached my limit and can’t go on.  Once I get to that point, the positive cheerleading begins!


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