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How my students changed my life!

How my students changed my life!

I remember how frustrated, angry, and even depressed I felt about my lack of success with finding a job in my field.  It was consuming my life as well as how I felt about my life.  At times, I even let it impact my mood and happiness.  After spending six years in college, I felt like finding a job would come more naturally since I was applying for hundreds and hundreds of jobs everywhere–literally all around the world.

I knew I had to do something.  I was getting stressed and unsettled from my continuous and never-ending job search.  One day, I came across a position at a school as a Playground Supervisor.  It didn’t fit my education or work background (at all), but I thought it would at least be a start.  Nothing else seemed to be working and while it wasn’t the job I dreamed of or even thought I wanted, it did seem like something I could adapt to.  It would give me a somewhat routine schedule and get my foot into a new arena.  I would have a new challenge to chase (whether good or bad)!

I got the job as the Playground Supervisor which allowed me to be entertained by second and third graders for a few hours a day.  I knew I wanted more hours, but tying shoes, listening to stories, and getting countless hugs changed me.  I kind of liked this whole “being in a school” thing even if it was chaotic.  Plus, it was a start in the right direction.  Maybe it would lead to a new opportunity.

Eventually I was able to become full-time at the school as a Reading Aide.  While it didn’t compensate me based on my educational level (since I don’t have an elementary teaching degree), I grew to like it (for the most part).  As the full-time Reading Aide, I got to cherish many moments with students that often have very unstable home environments.

These students have changed my life.  It might sound crazy to most, but they have changed my life in such a wonderful way. They bring a smile to my face every single day at school.  I recently was out eating lunch and I hurried inside to get in line.  All of a sudden I felt someone grab around my waist.  It was a young boy who had weaved his way through a line of customers to be sure that he came to say, “Hi, Miss. Jamieson” and to give me a hug because nothing makes a young third grader more excited than to be able to see and talk to someone from their school outside of the normal school environment.

I also have a student that I know has faced a lot in his life so far and he is only eight years old.  I developed a great rapport with this student and he began to always want to talk to me at recess.  He told me about his life and I listened, always without judgment, but rather I felt sadness in my heart.  He is now in third grade and he still likes to talk to me and work with me one on one.  For some reason, he has found comfort in working with me at school.  The other day I saw him and I said, “Good Morning, XXXXX.”  His schedule and my schedule changed at school so I don’t work with him as much as I did last year, but I said, “I miss working with you this year, XXXXX.”  He smiled and said, “I miss working with you, too, Miss. Jamieson.  They just had to go and change my schedule to where I don’t get to be in your group this year.”

Their stories inspire me to help them learn and to be a listening ear when they need one.  While I often have no idea about the things they are facing at home, I want them to always know that I care.  After all, I have come to love the kids.  These stories and countless others are the reasons why my students have changed my life. They have added to it in so many amazing ways and for that I am grateful.  I don’t know how long this “working at a school” journey will last, but I know at the moment it feels like just the right place to be.




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