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Quality over quantity…in life and in health!

Quality over quantity…in life and in health!

“Quality over quantity” fits my life mission and many of the goals I set for myself.  When I workout I like to keep it in the back of my mind.  I want quality over quantity.  What does that mean to me?  It means using the correct form for the exercises I perform and creating a workout that fits my lifestyle and body.  It is for my sanity, strength, and a stress reliever at the end of the day.  In other words, I would rather do fewer reps and sets during my workout than lots of reps and sets in the incorrect form.  That can cause pains, strains, and injuries.

The same can be echoed for the career paths I have gone down.  I have come to appreciate (and enjoy) having a job that is far more “quality over quantity”.  That may not even make sense, but let me explain.  I work in public education and I don’t get paid a lot, but the work I do and the students I touch are the reason I have come to like the work that I am doing (after having changed career paths several times prior).  The quality or meaning it brings to my life far outweighs the quantity or money I am making.

Lastly, I love to travel.  It is probably one of my favorite things to do and I wish I could do it more often.  I love the experiences it gives me, the memories I create, and learning about the world.  I like seeing other cultures, gaining new perspective, and more than anything the quality it adds to my life.

The meaning behind this post is to remember that in life it is far better for your health and happiness to appreciate life and people, not things.  Take pleasure in the small things…the things that create memories, experiences, and teach you something about yourself and others.  Make your life center around quality and experiences.  You will be happier if you do!  And, more than anything remember to appreciate your health and the aging process.  After all, good health and aging is something that some never have the privilege of experiencing.  As my grandma once said, “If you have good health you don’t realize how lucky you really are.”




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