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Play outside and be a kid again!

Play outside and be a kid again!

Sometimes going to the gym and doing the same repetitive workout can get boring.  Maybe you’re sick of running on the treadmill or doing your usual cardio workout.  One important thing to remember about exercising is that incorporating a variety of exercises and switching up your workout routine is important for you and your body.  This ensures that you get the most out of each individual workout without allowing your body to become familiar with the routine, and therefore not maximizing your results.  While it is easy to stay on a routine and schedule, be sure to do different exercises so that different muscles and body parts will be used and worked.

So, while the leaves are falling, colors are changing, and we move into another season, take the time to switch up your workout routine by taking a break from the usual and doing some fun fall activities.  Go play outside (with your kids or without).  Carve pumpkins and rake leaves into a pile and jump in!   I know I did it as a kid, and I don’t mind having the excuse as an adult to do it again! 😉  Be a kid again and go outside to run or walk, rake leaves, go hiking, or whatever suits you.  Outdoor recreational activities are a great way to get exercise.  Biking, hiking, kayaking, and other outdoor sports such as tennis, basketball, soccer, etc. are a few great ways to get a workout in and give you a break from being in the gym.  Also, it allows you to get some Vitamin D in the process! 😉

If that doesn’t suit you, you can really channel your inner child by hula hooping or jump roping.  Make it a game and have a contest with your kids!


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