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Why I cheer myself on every single day!

Why I cheer myself on every single day!

Life is a mountain, not a beach.  I don’t think you could convince me otherwise. Plus, I like the mountains more than the beach and I like challenges more than being bored, but positivity is often what keeps me moving forward.  On hard days, long days, rough days, and all the days in between I need to hear the voice in my head cheering me on.  I like to cheer myself on when I go through life and when I workout.  It keeps me going.  See previous blog post from October 2014:  Cheer yourself on—be your own cheerleader!

In America, we have become a nation that doesn’t associate fun with working out.  I often hear people say they lack time to workout, but in reality it’s not a lack of time, but not having the right attitude.  We don’t think of working out as a stress-relieving, fat-burning, energy-creating, life-changing, and fun-loving activity that makes us happy.

Don’t convince your brain that you don’t like working out!  Find an exercise or workout routine that you love and then let the cheering begin!  An exercise routine or workout that makes you feel at your best…it de-stresses you, relaxes you, and rejuvenates you after or before a long day.  If you need a mind-clearing workout consider yoga or some form of meditation, if you need a good cardio sweat consider a run or cross training session.  Once you tell yourself you don’t like working out or it’s not fun your brain starts to believe that and you begin to convince yourself of that.

Instead, cheer yourself on!  Tell yourself you can get through it and be a better person because of your workout.  Let your positive attitude cheer you on through life whether it be your workout, your job, your educational goals, and everything else you set your mind to.  Start adding positive thoughts to your daily planner, your workout routine, and all your little activities throughout the day.

I am the door monitor at school as the second and third graders get off the bus or are dropped off by their parent.  I love this because I can set a positive attitude for the children as they enter the school building.  (I like early mornings so that helps things, too!)  I always say “Good Morning, we are having pancakes for breakfast today (whatever is on the menu for that day).  Happy Monday!  I hope you have a great day!”  Most of the students are still tired from getting up early, but I like to put some positive energy into their day.  I also say good morning to all the teachers, but I think my bubbliness might get on their nerves on occasion.  I go through the day with some of the teachers probably wondering why I am always smiling and talking to the kids.  I love it and it makes the day more fun.  I hope this gives you a little inspiration to add positive energy to your workout and life!




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