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Summer Heat: Staying safe & having fun in the sun!

Summer Heat: Staying safe & having fun in the sun!

There have been several instances this summer where I have read of people running and doing intense cardio workouts outside in the extreme heat…extreme heat and temperatures of close to 100 degrees.  This is becoming a problem because nearly every summer we hear the warnings and dangers of staying hydrated, being safe and responsible, and staying out of the heat when the temperatures are at dangerously high levels.  I know every summer I read about at least one person who thinks that they are invisible and can stand up to the heat to run outside, but they die from heat exhaustion because they pushed too hard in the heat.  Remember that while you may be fit and trim and able to keep up with the heat, it doesn’t mean you should.  It is important to remember that the heat can be dangerous and while it may seem like a good idea to stay active, it is also a good idea to stay safe.  That means taking precautions by not exercising during extreme heat warnings and dangers, staying hydrated, and waiting until the temperature drops such as in the late evening after the sun has gone down or early morning before the sun is up to do any outside workouts.  While there are opportunities when it may be somewhat safer to run, also remember you should look at the hour by hour forecast and factor in the humidity and heat index to determine whether it truly is safe.

Next, know when to stop.  Don’t push yourself until you are at the point of suffering from a heat stroke or heat exhaustion.  Stop before breathing gets difficult from the heat and know that when you feel physically and or mentally tired it is time to call it a day.  Modify and adjust runs, exercises, and workouts if they are too challenging to do outside in the summer heat so you don’t do harm to your body.

Remember, summer is a great time to vary your workouts and do fun activities (that can be less strenuous) with the family that can count as workouts.  Aquatic workouts and exercises are great for reducing muscle and joint inflammation or pain that may arise from excessive cardio or running (which can be worsened if rest days are not taken).  Kayaking and canoeing are other great summer water activities that can allow you to cool off in the water while getting some exercise at the same time!  Summer kickball, baseball, and sand volleyball leagues are also popular activities that can be fun and often are in the evening hours once the sun has gone down.

Relax, have fun, and modify your workouts based on the heat and local activities in your community.


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