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Superhero in action…busy building muscle!

Superhero in action…busy building muscle!

Last week my boyfriend unintentionally came in to see me while I was working out.  He didn’t realize I wasn’t done working out yet, but it did throw off my rhythm for the last 15 minutes (cool down portion) of my workout.   It is important to realize that working out each day is a chance to take a break from your normal activities.  It gives your mind and body a break from the routine of life while giving you fresh energy.

I workout almost everyday and mostly so my mind and body has its own time away from everything and everyone.  Therefore, when I workout, everything and everyone waits.  I put music on and get into a different mode.  I do not stop for Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media.  Instead I avoid it because how can you really be working out and clearing your mind if you are on social media?!  I literally take a break from everything…tv, internet, social media, technology, socialization, etc.  Whatever might be on social media, any posts you are tagged in, or texts you are sent can wait.  They will still be there when you are done.  Unless there is a medical or family emergency that cannot wait, I suggest you consider doing the same thing.  Give your mind and body a break…from everything!  You will be happy once you start doing your workouts without interruptions and in peace so that you can actually wind down, refresh, and have time to yourself.  After all, your workout may be the only time all day that you ever get to yourself.  Take advantage of it!

Realize there is reason behind not allowing interruptions or pausing during workouts.  Once you are in your workout, you get into a rhythm and pace that keeps you going and motivates you not to stop.  Being interrupted can throw off your rhythm and your workout, making parts of your workout stressful or chaotic if you lose your motivation and pace.  My tip to you is to make it a habit to not stop in the middle of workouts!

Aren’t convinced that interruptions, distractions, etc are a problem when working out?  You should think again and that’s because you will get better results and see results more quickly if you maintain a steady pace while keeping the correct form.  In other words, try to maintain pace without stopping for interruptions or distractions such as children, pets, etc so that you can consistently keep your heart rate up.  And on a side note, how do you think athletes keep in shape?!  Through heavy discipline and training without and yes, I repeat, without interruptions or distractions!  They train and continue to train each day with a strict and steady regimen that keeps them on track to improve their mind and body.

As for the superhero reference in the title (in case you are wondering), it refers to the Under Armour dri-fit workout shirts I wear when I workout…I have a Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman one!  So each time I set out on my workout, I envision myself as a girl on a mission.  A mission to conquer my workout as Batgirl, Supergirl, or Wonder Woman!  It’s more fun this way and it’s healthy for us all to have a little bit of kid in us at heart! 😉


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