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A walk, jog, walk/jog kind of day with a 5k finish!

A walk, jog, walk/jog kind of day with a 5k finish!

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to post about this week because I hadn’t given it too much thought, but after doing several walks and jogs with my boyfriend over the weekend I thought I would do an entry inspired by him.  He does more running than me because truthfully I don’t really like running unless it is on outdoor trails in nature in the middle of nowhere where I can clear my mind and soak up the sun in the woods!  I guess I get that side from being an outdoor enthusiast and lover.  Call me crazy, but something about being in nature on your own running provides some major freedom and relaxation.  (For me, anyway!)  Anyway, back to this week’s blog.  We often go on walks together throughout the weekend, but we don’t typically do runs (because I don’t like them) and because we usually do our own workouts during the week and do less strenuous workouts during the weekend.

This weekend we were pressed for time, but still wanted to fit in some fitness, so we set out on our usual walking path and decided in order to meet our walking goal and finish by the time we needed to be done we would have to run at least part of it.  I think it may have actually been my idea!  I know that’s shocking since I just said I don’t like running! 😉  Maybe I hate running, but I just love fitness!  That was on Saturday, but we set out for another walk on Sunday afternoon.  Not nearly as cool as the Saturday evening walk/jog and basically no breeze to counteract the heat so we decided we better run at least part of it again.  We started out walking, but he suggested we run to beat the heat to get back to the house faster.  It was his idea this time to run, which was fine.  It didn’t seem so bad since we had just done it the night before.  This time not only did we run much more than the previous night, but we also managed to run almost the entire time.  We weren’t really trying to run the entire time, but it was pretty warm and then I had to go pee, so I wanted to get back.  You’re probably thinking what’s the point of telling you all this, right?!  Well, the point is that someone that is as much of a wellness, nutrition, and fitness enthusiast as myself still doesn’t find much pleasure in running because I consider myself a cross trainer and much prefer cross training and interval exercising.  I think this could become a trend for us because we actually enjoyed it and while it wasn’t my “typical” crossing training, it did have a cross training like feel because we walked and jogged.  Walking and jogging in intervals has actually been proven in many studies to be as good and in some cases better than just running or jogging.

I think this is a great example where starting something new that may not seem that appealing (like running, in my mind) may turn out to be a new hobby or a fresh start to a small workout that can be enjoyable and quick.  You might start off hating running (like me) and then gradually decide it’s not so bad.  In my case, I am sure it didn’t hurt having my boyfriend beside me since I know he enjoys running so it is something I can do with him to enjoy time together.  He loves 5ks and is much better than I would be at them because I don’t find pleasure in running nor do I enjoy competitions against others.  I LOVE competing against myself, but with others in a crowded atmosphere on roads or in cities has no appeal to me at all.

The flipside to 5k competition runs is this:  My boyfriend and I eventually plan on doing a “fun” 5k together such as a color or graffiti run, glow run, zombie run, warrior dash, mud run, cupcake run, or something of the sort.  I would like to do a graffiti run, but obstacle course and fun 5k runs are perfect mergers for beginner runners, those who don’t love to run, or even cross trainers because they often are “stop and go” runs meaning you run for a short period and then stop to do the obstacle or color/graffiti at stations along the way.

Happy walking, jogging, and walking/jogging.  Remember a 5k can be a fun finish or a fun goal to work towards even if you don’t run the entire thing.  After all, life is about having fun AND making a few healthy choices that are fitness, nutrition, and wellness related! 🙂


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