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A new year of kindness!

A new year of kindness!

I just turned 29, which matters for a few reasons, but not for the reasons you might think.  It wasn’t really all about celebrating me, or eating lots of birthday cake.  Instead it was about completing my first full year of my #ProjectKindnessBook goal.  I have a picture of each random act of kindness for the 28 things I did to help change the lives of others throughout the previous 12 months.  I didn’t post very many of them on social media, and I didn’t count the things I did for friends or family as random acts of kindness.  In fact, I actually took the pictures to keep myself accountable and to serve as a reminder of the positive actions I have the ability to do for strangers and people I barely know.

Not only was it a time to wrap up my year of 28 random acts of kindness, but it also meant it was time to start my year of 29 random acts of kindness. It has helped remind me to give more, take less for granted, help strangers, and cherish what I am able to do for others.  My year of 28 random acts of kindness proved to be a bit difficult at times, probably because it was my first year.  My #ProjectKindnessBook initiative was a new thing for me and I wasn’t sure what type of random acts to do that would keep it anonymous.  By the end I had so many different ideas of what I could do, including an overabundance of ideas to use this year.  I now have many ideas on how I can give to strangers without identifying myself to get recognition or credit.

With only a few weeks into my year of 29 random acts of kindness I am farther ahead than I would have anticipated at this point.  The random acts I do are almost always for individuals and families rather than donations to causes or organizations because I hope to touch the heart of everyday people in the world – people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, gender, and race.  My year 29 random acts of kindness will have a minimum of 29 different things I do, but by the looks of it thus far I will probably far outreach my goal which is a great thing.  That makes me happy because it means I am spreading more random acts of kindness out into the world.  I hope others will join me on my journey of giving back and spreading kindness all around us and throughout the world – no matter where you live.  Happy sprinkling random acts of kindness wherever you are!  View my Project Kindness page or visit my previous post What is #ProjectKindnessBook? to learn more.




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