Pictures I Love

Pictures I Love

As I have gone through my young adult years, I have found that one of the best things in life is learning about others.  In the pictures that follow, you will learn about some of the traveling adventures I have taken and ones I hope to take in the future.  While volunteering and giving back to others is my passion, I also strive to learn about other people when I travel.  I like to learn about the places that locals hang out, the food and drinks that are loved by many, and the history of the places I explore.  It’s part of connecting with others in the world and what makes me love the adventures from my travels.  It makes me a better person and more prepared to view life from other perspectives.

Jamieson visits Jameson

Jameson Edited (Pixlr) – “Ireland – 068”by PhotoStephanie is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0/Desaturated from original by Jenna
Jameson Original

For the above photo, I cropped the photo to center it more appropriately.  I felt that added to the overall visual attraction of the picture.  I viewed many different picture effects, but settled on Harrison because I feel that it gives the Old Jameson Distillery that “old antique type” feeling.  I added a bit of sharpness to adjust the lighting in an effort to make the “E” more pronounced so that Jameson is clearly visible to viewers.

Jamieson Climbs Mountains

Canada Edited (Pixlr) – “Canada 1936.jpg”by mauwf is licensed under CC BY 2.0/ Desaturated from original by Jenna
Canada Original

I sharpened the picture slightly to add a bit more stylized definition to the trees.  Further, I added dehazing to brighten the colors.  I wanted them to stand out and really capture the attention of viewers.  It reminds me of a crisp, autumn day in Canada.

Dreaming of Meeting Murray

Murray Edited (Pixlr) – “murray”by Doha Stadium Plus is licensed under CC BY 2.0/Desaturated from original by Jenna
Murray Original

I chose to crop the blurred person in the red shirt out of the picture so that Andy Murray and his expression could be the focal point.  I tried several effects on these photos, but opted to add a slight vignette instead because it helps capture his expression even more.  I love the different facial tones and body language that is expressed on the tennis court.  Andy is one of my favorites and I hope to see him at Wimbledon one day soon (before he retires)!

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